Welcome to Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains

Welcome to Mysteries of the Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains

The Exciting Offering of this website is that it is tightly coupled with the YouTube channel: Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains. In the Behind The Scenes tab, we will present additional content that doesn’t work in a video, but expands and enhances the video. We will present such items as maps, additional photos, expanded explanations and other background material for each video. On a web page these items can be easily examined and used over a longer timeframe than when watching on a video.


We entertain and educate through stories and histories of actual events that occurred in the Superstition Mountains and surrounding areas. Our stories and histories are backed by research to be as accurate as possible. Many are first-person accounts which increases the fun.

Additionally, we are capturing these first-person accounts before they are lost.

Explore The Mysteries

Every week see new adventures that unfold another Mystery of the Superstition Mountains on our YouTube Channel.

Behind The Scenes menu tab will take you to additional “Behind the Scenes” materials (posts) that expand on the information in the videos.

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As a note: some videos specifically state that we will not disclose the exact location and we will not do that here, either. However, we will provide a larger area map so you can at least determine the approximate location the video is discussing to help you do your own exploration.

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