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We entertain and educate through stories and histories of actual events that occurred in the Superstition Mountains and surrounding areas. Our stories and histories are backed by research to be as accurate as possible. Many are first-person accounts which increases the fun.

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Apache Tears Part 2

After researching Apache Tears and writing about them, my wife, Debbie, and I decide to go find some of our own. As Apache Leap is near the town of Superior, Arizona we thought, heck, there just has to be some Apache Tears somewhere around Superior. And we were right. Superior has a good-sized perlite mining and refining operation.
This is our trip to get our own Apache Tears.

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Ward’s Cabin Outing Part 1

In December 2019, Jack San Felice, Dave Jones, Scott Giles, and Dave Guggisberg (myself) visited this area of the Superstition Mountains. Here Jack told us many fascinating stories of some of the early prospectors. Bob Ward being the main one.

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Apache Leap and Tears

What Are Apache Tears? Of course, the stone referred to as Apache Tears has been around for millions of years; back to the time of active volcanoes – and not created by crying Apaches. Apache Tears are found all over the southwest: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.

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Apache Kid’s Cave

Yes, another outing and another drone crash.

David Jones, Jane Jones, Scott Giles and myself went out to Carney Springs Road to film the B-rolls for the episode of Apache Kid’s Cave. Our intent was to have Scott fly the drone from the parking lot or a spot near by up to the cave. We had no intention of hiking to the cave that day.

But reality often changes one’s plans.

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Be safe in the outdoors — especially in unforgiving terrain like the Superstition Mountains. Here are some of our recommendations:

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